Menu System

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Menu System

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ReportPro's menu system provides access to the many features of ReportPro.  There are two types of menus: the menu bar which appears on ReportPro's shell window and the pop-up menus that are accessible by clicking the right mouse button over a control or object.


You'll encounter three different menus on ReportPro's menu bar: the shell menu, the work window menu, and the print preview menu.


Each menu option on the menu bar has an accelerator which is identified by an underlined character.  The accelerator allows you to use the keyboard to quickly access the menu option.  To activate an accelerator, hold down the Alt key and at the same time press the underlined character.  For example, to select the File menu, press Alt and at the same time press F.  You will notice that when you select the File menu another menu is displayed.  In many cases these additional menu options also have accelerator keys.  The accelerator for these pull-down menus are activated with the Ctrl key.  For example, to select the File, Open menu option, hold down the Ctrl key and press O.


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