Report Wizard - Page Layout

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Report Wizard - Page Layout

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The Page Layout tab allows you to specify information about the paper the report will be printed on.  This information includes the paper size, orientation, margins, and paper bin (if your printer supports multiple paper bins).




The printer related information is gathered from your workstation's default printer so it is possible that the desired paper size is not available in the report wizard.  In this situation, you should select the default sizes and then later, after the report wizard has created the report, select the desired printer and reconfigure the page layout based on the selected printer.


The Custom Size option allows you to define a custom paper size for those printers that support customer paper sizes.  This feature only works under Microsoft Windows 95 and 98.  The Custom Size feature does not work under Microsoft Windows NT, as the NT printer driver doesn't support custom paper sizes in the same manner.  To use a custom paper size on NT, you must first define a Printer Form via the NT Printer configuration window.  After you have defined a Printer Form, the new form will appear along with the standard paper sizes in the paper size list.



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