Report Wizard - Style Tab

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Report Wizard - Style Tab

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The Style Tab allows you to specify miscellaneous style settings that affect the appearance of your report.  Here you can specify the field layout, optional section creation options and font settings.




The field layout style can be set to either Table or Form format.  If you choose Table format, the database fields will be laid out in a horizontal manner along the top of the Body band.  If you select the Form format, the fields will be laid out vertically on the left edge of the Body band.


A Title and Summary section can be included in the report by checking the appropriate Create Title section or Create Summary section check box.  The Title section prints at the beginning of a report and is useful for creating report cover pages.  The Summary section that is printed at the end of the report is a good place to put report summary information.


The Create report title text object button instructs the wizard to create a text object in the page header band to use as a report title.  The content of the object is the title that was specified on the Title tab.


The Create Date field and Create Page Number field options allow you to specify where the field objects that print the current date and the page number are located.  Select the None entry in these lists if you do not want the wizard to create these fields.


The Fonts section in the lower half of the dialog allows you to specify the font used by the wizard to create the field and text objects.



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