Report Wizards

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Report Wizards

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Report Wizards allow you to quickly generate reports.  They are the recommended approach for creating reports because they guide you through creating the basic elements of a report in a sequential step-by-step manner.  You start a Report Wizard by selecting the File, New menu option from ReportPro's main menu and choosing the type of wizard you wish to use.




A Report Wizard is simply a series of tabbed dialogs that allow you to specify the different elements of the report.  The tabs across the top of the dialog represent the different attributes of the report that you can specify.  You select a tab by clicking the tab with the left mouse button or by pressing the Next>> and <<Back buttons until the desired tab is selected. In general, you should specify report options from the far left tab working toward the far right tab.


After you have defined your reporting options, press the Finish button, and the report wizard will generate the report for you and place it in a ReportPro work window where you can customize it as desired.  If the Finish button is disabled, it is because you haven't specified all the required information.  In most cases, the only required item is the report data source.  


ReportPro has a separate Report Wizard for Standard, Label and Cross-Tab reports.


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