Section Types

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Section Types

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The Section Types dialog allows you to choose the type of section you wish to add to your report.




The section types displayed in the dialog depend on which sections are already defined in your report.  For example, since there can only be one Title and one Summary section, these section types will not be available if they have already been included in the report.


The following table provides a brief description of each section type.


Section Type



 This section consists of a single page that prints at the beginning of the report.  It is useful for creating cover pages for a report.


 This is a standard section.  It does not support columns or perform Cross-Tab calculations.


 This section is columnar in nature.  Use this type of section to create mailing address labels.  You can also use this type of section to create a report that has multiple columns.


 Cross-Tab sections are those that perform summary or arithmetic processing on a database and report the result set in a grid type fashion.


 This type of section prints at the end of a report after all other sections have printed.  It is primarily used to print summary information.


The Triggered option, which appears in the bottom right corner of the dialog creates a section that is a child of the highlighted section.  Triggered sections are printed when an expression changes value.  For example, you would use a triggered section to print a sub-report for each customer in the main report.  In such a case you would specify the customer name or ID as the trigger expression.  The Triggered option is only available for Standard, Label/Columnar and Cross-Tab sections.