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Shell Menu

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The shell window menu is displayed when you first start ReportPro. The shell menu contains the menu options necessary to create a new report or open an existing one.






The File menu contains the options necessary to create, open and save a report.  When you select the File menu option, additional options are displayed.  Each of the menu options is discussed below.


Menu Option


New, Standard Report

 Creates a standard report.

New, Label Report

 Creates a columnar or label report.

New, Cross-Tab Report

 Creates a cross-tab report.

New, Standard Report Wizard

 Launches the standard report wizard.

New, Label Wizard

 Launches the label report wizard.

New, Cross-Tab Wizard

 Launches the cross-tab report wizard.


 Opens an existing ReportPro report.


 Displays the ReportPro Setup dialog where you can specify options that affect how ReportPro operates.

Recent Files

 Quickly access the most recently used reports.


 Terminates ReportPro.




The Help menu allows you to access ReportPro's help system.  The help system provides detailed information about ReportPro.


Menu Option



 Displays the ReportPro help file index.

Using Help

 Displays help on how to use the windows help system.


 Displays the ReportPro About dialog.


ReportPro's shell window also contains a toolbar that provides shortcuts to the following menu options: New - Standard Report, Open Report, and Help About.


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