Licence agreement

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Licence agreement

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  You can use the source of the menu classes in all your applications if you accept

  the following terms:


  1. You may not extract any part to build a lib or dll

     ( for example a toolbox ) and sell it as a standalone product.


  2. You may not share the source or lib/dll builds of the menu classes

     with other devolopers or companies.


  3. You may not include any code or related concepts in training papers or any

     other printable form without my agreement.


  4. Modifications and enhancements of the classes, in design or function,

     cannot be re-published without my agreement.


  5. You use the source at your own risk!


  6. Enhance suggestions or requests are encouraged.

     Users can also provide back coded enhancements on a Not For Payment basis,

     on the understanding that such improvements would be shared with all other

     registered users.