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ContextMenu SEToolBar Assign

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Assigns a contextmenu to the complete rebar control or the specified toolbar or rebar band.



ASSIGN ContextMenu(oMenu, symBandTB) CLASS SEToolBar




The contextmenu object. If oMenu is NIL or not defined a former assigned context menu becomes deleted.


The symbolic name of the band (or toolbar), whose contextmenu will be set. If symBandTB is Null_Symbol or not defined, the default contextmenu for the complete rebar control is set. If the toolbar is no rebar, this parameter is not used.





oToolBar:ContextMenu := RebarContextMenu{} Sets the default contextmenu for the complete rebar control.

(If this syntax forces a compiler error, please use oToolBar:SetContextMenu(RebarContextMenu{}))


oToolBar:ContextMenu[#Maintoolbar] := BandContextMenu{} Set a band contextmenu for the band with the name #Maintoolbar.