Default SEToolBarConfig Assign

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Default SEToolBarConfig Assign

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Define the default buttons to display and their order.

If you call the SEToolBarConfig:Reset() method or if you press the reset button in the toolbar customize dialog,

this default definitoin is used.



ASSIGN Default(aItems) CLASS SEToolBarConfig




A one dimensional array with the default toolbar layout information.

With this array you define the buttons to display and their order.

Each array element contains a button ID of the button to display.

The position in the array is equivalent to the displayed position on the toolbar.

The button ID of the separator is IDT_SEPARATOR.




oConfig:Default := {IDTB_New, IDTB_Open, IDTB_Save,;

                   IDT_SEPARATOR, IDTB_MoveTo, IDT_SEPARATOR,;

                   IDTB_Copy, IDTB_Paste, IDT_SEPARATOR,;

                   IDTB_Delete, IDTB_Refresh}