Init SEToolBarImageList

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Init SEToolBarImageList

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Creates a correct imagelist for SEToolBar or SEMenuXP from a bitmap or resource a resource.



METHOD Init(oBitmap_oRes, nButtonWidth, xBkColor) CLASS SEToolBarImageList




Can be a resource or a bitmap object.

If it is a bitmap object, be aware that you load it with LR_CREATEDIBSECTION

oBitmap  := Bitmap{oResource, LR_CREATEDIBSECTION}


A numeric value for the image width.

If not specified, the image width is set to the height of bitmap image.


Specifies the background color for transparency.

Can be a color object or one of the following numeric constants.


Constant            Color


COLORBLACK            Black        

COLORBLUE            Blue        

COLORCYAN            Cyan        

COLORGREEN            Green        


COLORRED            Red        

COLORWHITE            White        



If not specified, the background color is set to the color of the bitmap pixel in the left top corner (in windows coordinates 0,0)