SetTBExStyle SEToolBar

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SetTBExStyle SEToolBar

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Sets the extended styles for the specified toolbar control.



METHOD SetTBExStyle(kStyle, lEnable, symTB) CLASS SEToolBar




The extended toolbar style to set. Available style see below.


A logical value. TRUE turns the style on, FALSE turns it off. The default value is TRUE.


The symbolic name of the toolbar. Default is #MainToolBar.







Toolbar Extended Styles


This section lists the extended styles supported by toolbar controls.



This style allows buttons to have a separate dropdown arrow. Buttons that have the BTNS_DROPDOWN style will be drawn with a drop-down arrow in a separate section, to the right of the button. If the arrow is clicked, only the arrow portion of the button will depress, and the toolbar control will send a TBN_DROPDOWN notification to prompt the application to display the dropdown menu.



Version 5.81. This style hides partially clipped buttons. The most common use of this style is for toolbars that are part of a rebar control. If an adjacent band covers part of a button, the button will not be displayed. However, if the rebar band has the RBBS_USECHEVRON style, the button will be displayed on the chevron's dropdown menu.



Version 6. This style requires the toolbar to be double buffered. Double buffering is a mechanism that detects when the toolbar has changed.

Note Comctl32.dll version 6 is not redistributable but it is included in Microsoft® Windows® XP or later. To use Comctl32.dll version 6, specify it in a manifest. For more information on manifests, see Using Windows XP Visual Styles.



Version 5.81. This style allows you to set text for all buttons, but only display it for those buttons with the BTNS_SHOWTEXT button style. The TBSTYLE_LIST style must also be set. Normally, when a button does not display text, your application must handle TBN_GETINFOTIP to display a ToolTip. With the TBSTYLE_EX_MIXEDBUTTONS extended style, text that is set but not displayed on a button will automatically be used as the button's ToolTip text. Your application only needs to handle TBN_GETINFOTIP if it needs more flexibility in specifying the ToolTip text.