The Menu-Editor

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The Menu-Editor

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Using the menu editor is not the recommended method for creating toolbars with the SEUIXP Classes.

The menu editor don't suppurt the rebar control and you have no control over the rebar properties and also over many button properties.


The recommended way is to create a new class which inherits from SEToolBar (or SEToolBarXP) and write a PreCreate() and a PostCreate() method.


The PreCreate() method is called before the rebar control (toolbar control) is created.

Generally you decide in this method whether you want to create a rebar or not.




METHOD PreCreate() CLASS MyToolBar



The PostCreate() method is called after the rebar control (toolbar control) is created.

The most new methods of the SEToolBar class presupposing an created rebar control.

So this is the best place to define your rebar/ toolbar.