ADO Versions

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ADO Versions

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Vo2Ado is designed to work with a minimum ADO version of 2.0

If you want to use it with a higher version than 2.0 (for example 2.1, 2.5 or 2.6) you can set the version number using the AdoSetAdoVersion() function.

Allowable values for the version number are:




Will enable ADO version 2.0 (the default)




Will enable ADO version 2.1




Will enable ADO version 2.5




Will enable ADO version 2.6




Will enable ADO version 2.7




Will enable ADO version 2.8



Some objects (Record and Stream) and some methods will be available only in the more recent versions of ADO.

Vo2Ado handles this version problem as follows:

Creating Records and Stream will not succeed when you don't have the proper version installed and will result in a Runtime Error

The new methods will return default (blank) values when you call them with the wrong Adoversion selected in Vo2Ado


You can always query for the version of an Vo2Ado object through the AdoVersion access on the object


See Also


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