AdoErrorValueEnum() Function

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AdoErrorValueEnum() Function

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All the values of the ErrorValue Enum:

The type of action to be performed when SetPermissions is called.




FUNCTION AdoErrorValueEnum ( ) AS ARRAY


ARRAY        Every row in this array has 2 values:

       The numeric value of the Enum value

       A text representation of this value


This array can be used to validate values, and to print a meaningful description of the values during debugging You can pass this array to the AdoEnum2Str() function to convert the value of an Enum to a string




List of possible values

adErrBoundToCommand 3707        the application cannot change the ActiveConnection property of a Recordset object with a Command object as its source.
adErrCannotComplete3732        Server cannot complete the operation.
adErrCantChangeConnection3748        Connection was denied. New connection you requested has different characteristics than the one already in use.
adErrCantChangeProvider3220        Supplied provider is different from the one already in use.
adErrCantConvertvalue3724        Data value cannot be converted for reasons other than sign mismatch or data overflow. For example, conversion would have truncated data.
adErrCantCreate3725        Data value cannot be set or retrieved because the field data type was unknown, or the provider had insufficient resources to perform the operation.
adErrCatalogNotSet3747        Operation requires a valid ParentCatalog.
adErrDataConversion 3421        the application is using a value of the wrong type for the current operation.
adErrDelResOutOfScope 3738        URL of the object to be deleted is outside the scope of the current record.
adErrDenyNotSupported3750        Provider does not support sharing restrictions.
adErrDenyTypeNotSupported 3751        Provider does not support the requested kind of sharing restriction.
adErrFieldsUpdateFailed 3749        Fields update failed. For further information, examine the Status property of individual field objects.
adErrFeatureNotAvailable 3251        the operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider.
adErrIllegalOperation 3219        the operation requested by the application is not allowed in this context.
adErrInTransaction 3246        the application cannot explicitly close a Connection object while in the middle of a transaction.
adErrInvalidArgument 3001        the application is using arguments that are not correct
adErrInvalidConnection 3709        the application requested an operation on an object with a reference to a closed or invalid Connection object.
adErrInvalidParamInfo 3708        the application has improperly defined a Parameter object.
adErrInvalidTransaction 3714        Coordinating transaction is invalid or has not started.
adErrInvalidURL 3729        URL contains invalid characters. Make sure the URL is typed correctly.
adErrItemNotFound 3265        ADO could not find the object in the collection
adErrNoCurrentRecord 3021        either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.
adErrNotExecuting 3715        an ADO operation that was not execute was requested to be canceled.
adErrNotReentrant 3710        code that would cause an event to reoccur cannot be executed within that event.
adErrObjectClosed 3704        the operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is closed.
adErrObjectInCollection 3367        the object is already in the collection and cannot be appended.
adErrObjectNotSet 3420        the object referenced by the application no longer points to a valid object.
adErrObjectOpen 3705        the operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is open.
adErrOpeningFile3002        File could not be opened.
adErrOperationCancelled 3712        Occurs when an ADO operation has been cancelled.
adErrOutOfSpace3734        Operation cannot be performed. Provider cannot obtain enough storage space.
adErrProviderNotFound 3706        ADO could not find the specified provider.
adErrReadFile3003        File could not be read.
adErrResourceExists3731        Copy operation cannot be performed. Object named by destination URL already exists. Specify adCopyOverwrite to replace the object.
adErrResourceLocked3730        Object represented by the specified URL is locked by one or more other processes. Wait until the process has finished and attempt the operation again.
adErrResourceOutOfScope3735        Source or destination URL is outside the scope of the current record.
adErrSchemaViolation3722        Data value conflicts with the data type or constraints of the field.
adErrSignMismatch3723        Conversion failed because the data value was signed and the field data type used by the provider was unsigned.
adErrStillConnecting 3713        ADO was still connecting to the data source when another operation was requested.
adErrStillExecuting 3711        ADO was still executing a command when another operation was requested.
adErrTreePermissionDenied3728        Permissions are insufficient to access tree or subtree.
adErrUnavailable3736        Operation failed to complete and the status is unavailable. The field may be unavailable or the operation was not attempted.
adErrUnsafeOperation 3716        the requested operation is not allowed under the security of the environment that ADO is running under
dErrURLDoesNotExist3727        Either the source URL or the parent of the destination URL does not exist.
adErrURLNamedRowDoesNotExist3737        Record named by this URL does not exist.
adErrVolumeNotFound3733        Provider cannot locate the storage device indicated by the URL. Make sure the URL is typed correctly.
adErrWriteFile3004        Write to file failed.
adWrnSecurityDialog3717        For internal use only. Don't use.
adWrnSecurityDialogHeader3718        For internal use only. Don't use.



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