AdoEventReasonEnum() Function

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AdoEventReasonEnum() Function

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All the values of the EvventReason Enum:

The type of action to be performed when SetPermissions is called.




FUNCTION AdoEventReasonEnum ( ) AS ARRAY

adRsnAddNew 1        Added a new record.
adRsnDelete 2        Deleted a record.
adRsnUpdate 3        Updated an existing record.
adRsnUndoUpdate 4        Reversed an update to an existing record.
adRsnUndoAddNew 5        Reversed the adding of a new record.
adRsnUndoDelete 6        Reversed the deletion of a record.
adRsnRequery 7        Requeried the Recordset.
adRsnResynch 8        Resynchronized the Recordset with the database.
adRsnClose 9        Closed the Recordset.
adRsnMove 10        Moved the record pointer within the Recordset.
adRsnFirstChange 11        Made the first change to a record.
adRsnMoveFirst 12        Moved the record pointer to the first record in the Recordset.
adRsnMoveNext 13        Moved the record pointer to the next record in the Recordset.
adRsnMovePrevious 14        Moved the record pointer to the previous record in the Recordset.
adRsnMoveLast 15        Moved the record pointer to the last record in the Recordset.