Ado Events

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Ado Events

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Event handling in Vo2Ado is available for the AdoConnection and AdoRecordset classes.

There are two ways to enable event handling:

Globally, by calling the AdoEnableConnectionEvents() or AdoEnableRecordSetEvents() functions to set the classname of the class that will implement the event handler.

 If you use this method all classes created after the event handler has been set will automatically have event handling enabled.

 Please note: Every Connection or Recordset class will have its OWN copy of the event handler class


Locally, by calling the EnableEvents() methods of a Connection or RecordSet object and passing in a copy of the event handler class that you want to use.


The following classes and functions are used in the context of event handling


AdoConnectionEventClassReturns the class name of the global Connection Event Handler
AdoConnectionEvents ClassConnection Events abstract class
AdoDisableConnectionEventsDisable global Connection Events
AdoDisableRecordSetEventsDisable global Recordset Events
AdoEnableConnectionEventsEnable Events for all new Connections
AdoEnableRecordSetEventsEnable Events for all new RecordSets
AdoEventHandler ClassAbstract class for event handling
AdoRecordSetEventClassReturns the class name of the global RecordSet Event Handler
AdoRecordSetEvents ClassRecordSet Events abstract class