AdoFieldAttributeEnum() Function

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AdoFieldAttributeEnum() Function

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All the values of the FieldAttribute Enum:

The type of action to be performed when SetPermissions is called.




FUNCTION AdoFieldAttributeEnum (  )  AS ARRAY


ARRAY        Every row in this array has 2 values:

       The numeric value of the Enum value

       A text representation of this value


This array can be used to validate values, and to print a meaningful description of the values during debugging You can pass this array to the AdoEnum2Str() function to convert the value of an Enum to a string




List of possible values

adFldUnspecified -1        Does not specify the field attributes.
adFldMayDefer 0x2        the field is deferred—that is, the field values are retrieved only when you explicitly access them.
adFldUpdatable 0x4        you can write to the field.
adFldUnknownUpdatable 0x8        the provider cannot determine if you can write to the field.
adFldFixed 0x10        the field contains fixed-length data.
adFldIsNullable 0x20        the field accepts Null values.
adFldMayBeNull 0x40        you can read Null values from the field.
adFldLong 0x80        the field is a long binary field. Also you can use the AppendChunk and GetChunk methods.
adFldRowID 0x100        the field contains a persistent row identifier
adFldRowVersion 0x200        the field contains some kind of time or date stamp used to track updates.
adFldCacheDeferred 0x1000        the provider caches field values and that subsequent reads are done from the cache.
adFldNegativeScale 0x4000        the field represents numeric value from a column that supports negative scale values.
adFldKeyColumn 0x8000        the field is (part of) the primary key of the underlying rowset.


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