AdoMoveRecordOptionsEnum() Function

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AdoMoveRecordOptionsEnum() Function

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All the values of the MoveRecordOptions Enum:

The type of action to be performed when SetPermissions is called.




FUNCTION AdoMoveRecordOptionsEnum (  )  AS ARRAY


ARRAY        Every row in this array has 2 values:

       The numeric value of the Enum value

       A text representation of this value


This array can be used to validate values, and to print a meaningful description of the values during debugging You can pass this array to the AdoEnum2Str() function to convert the value of an Enum to a string




List of possible values

adMoveUnspecified-1        Default. Performs the default move operation: The operation fails if the destination file or directory already exists, and the operation updates hypertext links.        
adMoveOverWrite1        Overwrites the destination file or directory, even if it already exists.        
adMoveDontUpdateLinks2        Modifies the default behavior of MoveRecord method by not updating the hypertext links of the source Record.        
adMoveAllowEmulation4         Requests that the provider attempt to simulate the move (using download, upload, and delete operations).        


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