AdoSetAdoVersion() Function

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AdoSetAdoVersion() Function

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Get/Set ADO Version to use in Vo2Ado



FUNCTION AdoSetAdoVersion ( nVers )  AS LONG



nVers        (Optional)Version number of ADO to use



LONG        The current setting



With this function you can set the ADO level that Vo2Ado will try to use

Possible values for nVers are:

20        Will enable ADO version 2.0 (the default)

21        Will enable ADO version 2.1

25        Will enable ADO version 2.5

26        Will enable ADO version 2.6

27        Will enable ADO version 2.7


Some objects and some methods will be available only in the more recent versions of ADO.


See Also

Support functions, AdoVersion(), AdoObject:AdoVersion