AdoShapeServer Class

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AdoShapeServer Class

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Special class to handle shaped recordsets




CLASS AdoShapeServer INHERIT AdoServer 




StayInSyncDo child servers stay in sync with parent records




StayInSyncDo child servers stay in sync with parent records



ClearRelation()Clear relations to Shaped DatSet Child Servers
Notify()An event handler that responds to events of this server
Relation()Returns the symbolic name of a relation
ResetNotification()Resume the broadcasting of Notify messages
SetRelation()Open a Server for a Shaped column in the DataSet
SuspendNotification()Suspend the broadcasting of Notify messages




This class is designed to work with so-called 'Shaped' recordsets that can be created using the MsDataShape provider.

Please note that the 'StayInSync' property of the recordset is switched on automatically as soon as child servers are opened.

This may have a negative effect on performance. You can switch the 'StayinSync' off manually, but then the relations won't work as expected.




CLASS PubServer INHERIT AdoShapeServer

EXPORT oTitles AS AdoShapeServer // Child server for Titles table

METHOD Init() CLASS PubServer

LOCAL  oConn

   oConn   := AdoConnection

   oConn:Provider := "MSDataShape"

   oConn:Open ( "Data Provider=SQLOLEDB;" + ;


  SUPER:init ( "SHAPE  select * from publishers APPEND " + ;

    " (select * from titles  " + ;

        " RELATE pub_id TO pub_id) AS chapTitles",  oConn,adOpenStatic,adLockReadonly,</text>NIL)

  SELF:oTitles := SELF:SetRelation(#chapTitles)



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