List of additional INFO() commands

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List of additional INFO() commands

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Additional Commands and DBInfo() values


DBI_CLEARRECORDSET (DBI_USER + 3)Clear Current RecordSet
DBI_RECORDSET (DBI_USER + 4)Get AdoRecordSet Object
DBI_SQLSTRING (DBI_USER + 5)Get Last SQL String executed
DBI_SAVECONNECTION (DBI_USER + 6)Save Connection definition to CONFIG.ADO
DBI_SAVETABLEDEF (DBI_USER + 7)Save table definition
DBI_SERVERFILTER (DBI_USER + 8)Get/Set server filter
DBI_BEGINTRANS (DBI_USER + 9)Start transaction on current connection
DBI_ROLLBACKTRANS (DBI_USER + 10)Rollback transaction on current connection
DBI_COMMITTRANS (DBI_USER + 11)Commit transaction on current connection
DBI_HASTRANS (DBI_USER + 12)Does the connection have a transaction active ?
DBI_SAVEPROVIDER (DBI_USER + 13)Save provider function replacement table to CONFIG.ADO
DBI_DROPTABLE(DBI_USER + 14)Drop a table from the OleDb provider
DBI_LONGFIELDNAMES(DBI_USER + 15)Can the RDD have field names longer than 10 characters



Additional VoDbFieldInfo constants:


DBS_Ado_Name ( DBS_USER+1)                Returns ADO Field Name

DBS_Ado_Type ( DBS_USER+2)                Returns ADO Field Type

DBS_Ado_Size ( DBS_USER+3 )                Returns ADO Field Size

DBS_Ado_Precision ( DBS_USER+4)        Returns ADO Field Precision

DBS_Ado_Scale ( DBS_USER+5 )                Returns ADO Field Scale

DBS_Ado_Field ( DBS_USER+6)                Returns ADO Field Object (Handle with care !)