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This method is called after a transaction has started with the BeginTrans() method



METHOD BeginTransComplete ( lLevel , oError , lStatus , oConn )  CLASS AdoConnectionEvents



lLevel        A Long value that contains the new transaction level of the BeginTrans that caused this event

oError        An Error object. It describes the error that occurred if the value of lStatus is adStatusErrorsOccurred; otherwise it is not set

lStatus        An AdoEventStatusEnum status value. This parameter is set to adStatusOK if the operation that caused the event was successful, or to adStatusErrorsOccurred if the operation failed

oConn        The Connection object for which this event occurred




You can prevent subsequent notifications by setting the lStatus parameter to adStatusUnwantedEvent before the event returns.


See Also

AdoConnectionEvents, AdoEventStatusEnum, AdoConnection:BeginTrans(), AdoError