AdoRecordset:CloseOnAxit Assign

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AdoRecordset:CloseOnAxit Assign

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ASSIGN CloseOnAxit(lClose as LOGIC) AS LOGIC PASCAL CLASS AdoRecordset



lClose        LOGIC        Should the recordset automatically be closed when VO discards the object.


The default value for this property is TRUE: this causes the recordset to be automatically closed when the VO object gets collected by the VO garbage collector.

The only situation where this is not applicable is when there is more than one VO object pointing to the same COM recordset. This may happen if you make a 'Clone' of the recordset by calling:



AdoRecordSet:Init() with another recordset as parameter

In all these cases Vo2Ado will automatically set this property to FALSE.

It is up to you to close the recordset in these cases.


See Also

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