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The EndOfRecordset event is called when there is an attempt to move to a row past the end of the Recordset.



METHOD EndOfRecordSet ( lMoreData, lStatus, oRecordSet )  CLASS AdoRecordSetEvents



lMoreData        A Logical value that, if set to TRUE, indicates more rows have been added to the Recordset

lStatus        An AdoEventStatusEnum status value

oRecordSet        A Recordset object. The Recordset for which this event occurred.




This event handler is called when an attempt is made to move past the end of the Recordset object, perhaps as a result of calling MoveNext. However, while in this event, you could retrieve more records from a database and append them to the end of the Recordset. In that case, set lMoreData to TRUE, and return from EndOfRecordset. Then call MoveNext again to access the newly retrieved records


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