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Provide a method for handling error conditions raised during database processing.



METHOD Error (  oError, symMethod )   CLASS AdoServer




<oError>        An Error object describing the error condition.

<symMethod>        The symbolic name of the method that originated the error.




All methods of the AdoServer trap serious errors with a recover statement and send them to this method. Ordinary failures, such as locking conflicts or record-not-found, do not raise error conditions; they are simply indicated through failure return values.

The standard Error() handling method fills in some more information about the errors and about the AdoServer object that originates the error, sets the status value for the server object, and passes the problem to its client, if there is one, in its standard Error() handling method.  If there is no client who wants to deal with the problem, the method passes it up the call stack by issuing a BREAK with the same Error object.


Note:        If an error comes in while one is being handled, the Error() method immediately breaks.

Note2:        The behavior of the Error handler may be modified by calling one or both of the functions listed below.


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