AdoServer:Filter Assign

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AdoServer:Filter Assign

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A filter for data in a Recordset



ASSIGN Filter ( uFilter ) CLASS AdoServer




uFilter        Can be one of the following:


Criteria string — a string made up of one or more individual clauses concatenated with AND or OR operators

Array of bookmarks — an array of unique bookmark values that point to records in the Recordset object

A FilterGroupEnum value


The server will send a NOTIFYFILECHANGE after the filter has been set.



strCnn := "Provider=sqloledb;" + ;

  "Data Source=cpserver;Initial Catalog=pubs;User Id=sa;Password=; "

oConn := AdoConnection

// Set the default connection for better error reports


oConn:CursorLocation := adUseClient


oSrv := AdoServer"employee",oConn,adOpenKeySet,NIL,adCmdTable

oSrv:filter := "lname like 'a*'"



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