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Create Object of type AdoRecordSet



METHOD INIT ( ptrIf, bAddRef )  CLASS AdoRecordSet



ptrIf        (Optional) Interface Pointer, Vo2Ado Object, IUnknown object, OleAutoObject or VoCom Idispatch_ object.  When omitted a new Recordset is created

bAddRef        (Optional) Is it necessary to increment the usage count by calling AddRef



The AdoRecordSet object can be created independantly of other objects. There are xxx versions of the AdoRecordSet Object available:

ADO 2.5 and above

ADO 2.1 and above

ADO 2.0 and above

You can influence the version of the object that gets created by setting the Vo2Ado library version using the AdoSetAdoVersion function.



Event handling

The AdoRecordset Class can support events. You can set a default event handler for every Recordset Object that gets created by calling the AdoRecordSetEventClass() function with the name of the class to use for event handlers.


See Also

AdoRecordSet, AdoRecordSetEventClass