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Open the a ADO recordset in a VO Server



METHOD INIT ( uSource, uConn,nCursor,nLock,nOptions,lLongNames ) CLASS AdoServer




uSource        Can be one of:

 - String containing a SQL statement, a table name, a stored procedure call, a URL

 - AdoRecordSet Object,

 - AdoCommand Object

 - AdoStream object

cConn        (Optional) Either a valid Connection object or a String that contains ConnectionString parameters

nCursor        (Optional) A CursorTypeEnum value that determines the type of cursor. The default value is adOpenForwardOnly.

nLock        (Optional) A LockTypeEnum value that determines what type of locking (concurrency) the provider should use. The default value is adLockReadOnly.

nOptions        (Optional) A Long value that indicates how the provider should evaluate the Source argument if it represents something other than a Command object, or that the Recordset should be restored from a file where it was previously saved. Can be one or more CommandTypeEnum or ExecuteOptionEnum values

lLongNames        (Optional) A Logical  indicating if the server should use fieldnames longer than 10 characters, or should truncate these to 10 characters. Defaults to TRUE, which means that Long field names are not changed.


SELF        Server Object. When an error occurs the VO Error handler is called.


See Also

AdoServer, AdoRecordSet, AdoCommand, AdoRecordSet:Open(), AdoCursorTypeEnum, AdoLockTypeEnum, AdoCommandTypeEnum, AdoExecuteOptionEnum, AdoStream