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Opens a Stream object to manipulate streams of binary or text data



METHOD Open (        uSource AS USUAL, liMode AS USUAL,  liOptions AS USUAL, cUsername AS USUAL, cPassword AS USUAL )  AS VOID PASCAL CLASS AdoStream



uSource        USUAL(Optional) the source for this Record object. See below

liMode        LONG (Optional)A ConnectModeEnum value, whose default value is adModeUnknown

liOptions        LONG (Optional)A StreamOpenOptionsEnum value, whose default value is adOpenRecordUnspecified

cUserName        STRING (Optional)the user ID that, if needed, authorizes access to Source.

cPassWord        STRING (Optional)the password that, if needed, verifies UserName.




uSource may be:

-an absolute URL string that points to an existing node in a well-known tree structure, like an e-mail or file system. A URL should be specified using the URL keyword ("URL=scheme://server/folder"). - Alternately, a reference to an already open Record object, which opens the default stream associated with the Record. If Source is not specified, a Stream is instantiated and opened, associated with no underlying source by default


See Also

AdoStream, AdoStream:Cancel(), AdoConnectModeEnum, AdoStreamOpenOptionsEnum