Performance Issues

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Performance Issues

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Performance Issues.

There is an article on "Improve the Performance of Your MDAC Application" by Suresh Kannan that can be found on the Ms Data Access website. This article contains a lot of performance tips.

Bind columns to field objects when looping through the records

Use cursor-based updating only if needed

Use a stored procedure with output parameters instead of singleton selects

If you have to use a cursor, use the Collect methods for singleton selects

Query only for the data you need

Choose your cursor location, cursor type, and lock type with care

Tune your Recordset CacheSizeproperty

Release your ADO objects ASAP

Describe command parameters yourself

Dissociate your client cursor from the connection for R/O and long use scenarios

Use adExecuteNoRecords option for non-row returning commands

Use Connection::Execute for single execution


A detailed explanation of these tips can be found on the Ms website.