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The RecordChangeComplete event is called after one or more records change



METHOD RecordChangeComplete ( lReason, lRecords, oError,  lStatus, oRecordSet )  CLASS AdoRecordSetEvents



lReason        An EventReasonEnum value that specifies the reason for this event

lRecords        A Long value that indicates the number of records changing (affected).

oError        An Error object. It describes the error that occurred if the value of lStatus is adStatusErrorsOccurred; otherwise it is not set

lStatus        An AdoEventStatusEnum status value.

oRecordSet        A Recordset object. The Recordset for which this event occurred




A RecordChangeComplete event may occur for the first changed field in a row due to the following Recordset operations: Update, Delete, CancelUpdate, AddNew, UpdateBatch, and CancelBatch. The value of the Recordset CursorType determines which operations cause the events to occur.



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