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This help file doesn't cover everything there is to say about OleDb and ADO.

We didn't want to copy all the material about the engine that you can also find in other sources


The most valuable references that you probably allready have are:







c:\Program files\Common Files\System\Ado


c:\Program files\Common Files\System\Ado



Another very valuable reference is the Microsoft Data Access Components SDK . This book is included in a digital form with MSDN, and includes tons of samples. Allthough the samples are written for Visual basic and C++, you can usually learn from them and apply the techniques shown in your VO application


Some book titles:


Ado 2.1 Programmer's Reference,

David Sussman, Alex Homer

Building Distributed Applications With ADO,

William Martiner, James Falino, David Herion

Professional ADO RDS Programming with ASP,

John Papa, Peter DeBetta, & Matt Brown

Teach Yourself OLE DB and ADO in 21 Days ,

John W. Fronckowiak

Visual Basic Developer's Guide to ADO ,

Mike Gunderloy


There is of course the Internet. Microsoft's Web site is loaded with articles and tips. Look at:


An other website with a lot of ADO information, including a huge list of frequently asked questios:


Finally there are some newsgroups about Ado and OleDb: