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Searches the index of a Recordset to quickly locate the row that matches the specified values



METHOD Seek ( aKeys, lOption ) CLASS AdoServer



aKeys        An array of values to compare against each corresponding column in the index

lSeek        (Optional) A SeekEnum value that specifies the type of comparison to be made Default is adSeekFirstEq


The server will send a NOTIFYINTENTTOMOVE before the operation and a NOTIFYRECORDCHANGE after the operation.



LOGIC        TRUE when seek was successful, FALSE when not or when seeks are not supported by provider


See Also

AdoServer, AdoRecordset:Seek(), AdoServer:Found



Note        AdoServer:Find() also sets the AdoServer:Found flag


Note 2AdoServer:SetOrder() and AdoServer:Seek() only work if you open the tables with AdCmdTableDirect and is only supported by some providers (such as the MsJet Provider). With the MsJet provider it also only works with a serverside cursor.