Server Templates

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Server Templates

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The Server editor allows for a maximum of 9 different templates for server code generation.



1=Default Server Template










You can add your own template by filling one of the slots in the ServerTemplates section, and by adding the code to the sections [SClass<n>] [SInit<n>] and [SFieldDesc<n>], for example if you add template 3 you can add the sections [SClass3] , [SInit3] and [SFieldDesc3]


The following markers are allowed for connection templates:

%classname%        The classname

%connectionname%        The name of the connection used by the server

%superclass%        The name of the parent class

%tablename%          The name of the Server table

%cursortype%          The cursor type (AdOpenStatic, AdOpenDunamic etc)

%locktype%              The Lock type (AdLockReadOnly, AdLockOptimistic etc)

%fieldcount%        The Number of fields in the server

%maxrecords%        The value for Maxrecords

%whereclause%        The where clause

%orderbyclause%        The orderby clause

%columnlist%        The column list

%recnocolumn%        The recnocolumn

%statement%        A Complete SQL statement based on tablename, columnlist, whereclause and orderby clause

%longfieldnames%        TRUE or FALSE depending on the value of the LongFieldnames checkbox

%fielddesc%        A block of field descriptors for the FieldDesc access