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Sets the owner of an object in a Catalog



METHOD SetObjectOwner ( cObjectName AS STRING, nObjectType AS LONG,  cUsername AS STRING, nObjectTypeId AS USUAL  )  AS VOID PASCAL CLASS AdoCatalog



cObjectname        A String value specifying the name of the object for which to return the owner.

nObjectType        A Long value which can be one of the ObjectTypeEnum constants specifying the type of the object for which to get the owner

cUserName        A String value specifying the Name of the User or Group to own the object

nObjectTypeId        (Optional). A Variant value specifying the GUID for a provider object type not

 defined by the OLE DB specification. This parameter is required if ObjectType is set to adPermObjProviderSpecific; otherwise, it is not used



See Also

AdoCatalog, AdoCatalog:GetObjectOwner()