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Set a relation from this server to the child server; standard database operations are restricted to those records that match the relation.



METHOD SetRelation ( oChild, uRelation, cRelation ) CLASS AdoRelationServer



oChild        The server attached to the child server must be specified as a AdoRelationServer object. If omitted, all relations for this server are removed

 (the recommended way of doing this is the ClearRelation() method).

uRelation        The field name representing the relation for the server. You can also supply an array of field names, when more than one field is used to set the relation.

cRelation        (Optional) text representation of the relation




LOGIC        A logical value TRUE when successful, otherwise FALSE



The method starts will chend a NOTIFYRELATIONCHANGE to the Child server.




In the AdoRelationServer class, SetRelation() functions identically to SetSelectiveRelation(). The relation is implemented as an extension to the Filter clause. Sends a NOTIFYRELATIONCHANGE message to the child server, if successful.



See Also

AdoRelationServer, AdoRelationServer:ClearRelation(), AdoRelationServer:SetSelectiveRelation()