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Move the record pointer forward or backward a specified number of records.



METHOD Skip (  nSkip ) CLASS AdoServer



<nToSkip>        The number of records to move, relative to the current record.

 A positive value means to move forward, and a negative value means to move backward. The default is +1.




LOGIC        TRUE if successful; otherwise, FALSE.  Note that a FALSE value can also indicate that beginning- or end-of-file was encountered.  Use the AdoServer:Status property to determine the reason for a failure.



The server will send a NOTIFYINTENTTOMOVE before the operation and a NOTIFYRECORDCHANGE after the operation.



When executed successfully, this method sends a NotifyRecordChange message to this data server's clients. This operation can fail under the following conditions:

-        One of the clients returns FALSE on the NotifyIntentToMove

-        There was an error saving the changes to the current record

-        There are no records in the recordset

-        The recordset:Move() returns an error



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