Vo2Ado SQL CLasses

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Vo2Ado SQL CLasses

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The Vo2Ado SQL Classes are a set of classes with the same class name and methods as the built-in SQL Classes from VO. They are created to make the conversion from SQL based applications to ADO easier.



The Vo2Ado SQL Classes included in Vo2Ado 2.613 Professional are not final yet. We intent to work more on these classes and include a  final version of these classes with our product for Visual Objects 2.6.


Some general comments for all the classes

Most of the methods that start with __ are not supported

Some of the other SQL methods/Accesses/Assign/Functions are also not supported.  This release will dump an info message to the OutputDebugString window together with the callstack from where it was called. We have tried to return a valid  return value, but give no guarantees here !

The error handling in the SQL Classes is a little strange. Some errors are reported by calling the error handler. Other errors are only visible in the return value of a method and the status access and ErrorFLag access.We have tried to be as consistent as possible with the SQL classes, although that did not always feel good !

We have included the source, so you can see what we did (and fix things if you need an urgent fix). Please let us know if you find any errors (and let us know your solutions as well !)

Our first tests have shown the classes to be a little faster, except for the SqlTable class. Also using OleDb in stead of ODBC will add to the performance.