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Technical Support

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How to setup ADO on your machine.

To setup ADO on your machine, you need to install the Microsoft Data Access Components. These can be found on MSDN (usually on disk 1) or can be downloaded from the Microsoft website (


What to do if your ADO components don't seem to work

The easiest way to test if your machine is setup for ADO properly is to download the MS Component Checker from the Microsoft website (

This tool allows you to check which ADO components are installed and also allows you to reinstall the ADO components.


How to check if ADO is installed from within your program

The easiest way to check if ADO is installed is by calling the AdoVersion() function. This function will return a string with the version number in the form of "xx.yy", where:

xx = major version number

yy = minor version number

When Ado is not installed the returned string will be empty.



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