Using the RDD with ReportPro

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Using the RDD with ReportPro

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You can use the Vo2ADO RDD together with ReportPro. We have tried the RDD with both ReportPro 2.10 and ReportPro 3.2.

To do so you must perform the following steps:


Add the RDD to the RPWIN.INI file. You should add the following section and entry





  This will add the Vo2Ado RDD to the Database Drivers dialog:




The ReportPro OpenTable dialog unfortunately has a hard coded DBF extension, so you must manually select the proper file extension (ADF):




The ReportPro Open Dialog for indexes unfortunately does not read the index extension using the OrderInfo() function but is hard coded to use the last 3 characters of the RDD name. So it shows the ADO extension in stead of the ADX extension:




If you want to order the rows in the (main) table you can use an index but you can also set the order using the OrderBy Clause entry in the ADF file or the OrderByClause callback method. If you want to use the ReportPro Seek Expression you MUST use an index.


Below is the sample setup for the main section of our ReportPro sample report:




and a screen shot of the resulting report:




Known issues


Sorting a report on columns from multiple tables will not work. You can work around this by creating a view on the server that joins the tables and by using this view as if it is a table.