Validations and Integrity

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Validations and Integrity

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If the back end that your application talks to supports validation and integrity rules, such as  primary and foreign keys and mandatory fields, the Vo2Ado RDD application will of course follow those rules.


One problem may be here, that when you insert a record in the table (using Append Blank or DbAppend()), the RDD will fill all the updatable columns of that record with blank values (for compatibility with DBF applications).


It is up to you to make sure that you fill the new record with valid information.


If the validation and integrity rules of your server don't allow you to add a blank row, you must be sure you will update this new row properly, or else a runtime error will be generated.


Another area where you may encounter problems is when deleting or updating records. If you break the integrity rules of your server by deleting or updating a record, this operation will fail.