Version History

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Version History

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Version 2.822 (VO 2.8 Build 2838, May 2013)

Fixed a problem in the Ado Server Editor

Version 2.821 (VO 2.8 Build 2838, May 2012)

Recompiled for Visual Objects 2.8 SP4

Small performance update for servers with lots of columns

The Vo2Ado runtime DLLs are no longer packed, because that was causing problems with some anti virus products.

Version 2.820 (VO 2.8 Build 2837, August 2011)

Fixed an issue with AdoCommand:Execute, Async calls and the Oracle OleDB Provider


Version 2.806 (VO 2.8 Build 2816, May 2007)

Recompiled and changed to work with Build 2816


Version 2.803 (VO 2.8 Build 2812, April 2007)

Recompiled and changed to work with Build 2812


Version 2.802 (VO 2.8 Build 2809, Match 2007)

Recompiled and to work with Build 2809


Version 2.801 (VO 2.8 Build 2804, December 2006)

Recompiled and changed to work with the changes in VO 2.8

All file names for this version have 28 in stead of 27 as version indication

The Unicode conversion functions and the Usual2Variant conversion functions inside Vo2Ado can now be overridden. To do so you must call one of the following functions and pass a function of your own. The return value of the function is the current conversion function:

   FUNCTION AdoSetVariant2Usual( pFunc ) AS PTR

   FUNCTION AdoSetUsual2Variant( pFunc ) AS PTR

   FUNCTION AdoSetVoStr2Unicode( pFunc ) AS PTR

   FUNCTION AdoSetUnicode2VoStr(pFunc ) AS PTR 

Calling these functions without parameters will return the current conversion function.


Version 2.731 (VO 2.7b-1, build 2756, September 2005)

Changes in the VO compiler detected a problem in the AdoField:DataFormat Access/Assign. Since this property was not documented in neither Vo2Ado nor in MSDN we have decided to drop support for it.
You MUST REIMPORT the VoAdo27.AEF if you use this version !

Version 2.730 (VO 2.7b-1, build 2741, Februari 2005)

Recompiled and changed to work with the changes in the system lib from  VOPS build 2741


Version 2.721 (VO 2.7b-1, Januari 2005)

Recompiled and changed to work with the stricter checks in VO 2.7b-1

Fixed a memory leak in the Usual2Variant conversions when Arrays of strings or Arrays of objects were converted


Version 2.720 (VO 2.7b, November 2004)

Recompiled and changed to work with VO 2.7b

Converted the AdoFieldType2VOTYpe functions in both the Server & CmServer modules to method of these classes. This allows for easier adjustment of the field structure & fieldspec generation. Also adjusted the length for some of the numeric fields

Removed the regsitration of the AdoExit function in __AdoInit(). This was causing GPFs on exit on some Windows 98 machines.


Version 2.710 (VO 2.7a, May 2004)

Recompiled and changed to work with VO 2.7a

Fixed a problem in the AdoServer class that when ResetNotification() was called too often the server would not resume notifying its clients


Version 2.702 (VO 2.7)

Fixed a problem in AdoServer:Refresh() and cmAdoServer:Refresh(): Cancelling the insert of a new row in an empty resultset would not set EOF/BOF back to TRUE.

The Server:Hyperlabel now limits to the table name(s) from the Select clause. The "select <Columnlist> from" and optional "where <whereClause> order by <orderbyclause>" gets removed.


Version 2.652  (VO 2.6) / 2.701 (VO 2.7)

Fixed a problem in the RelationServer when relation key was a float value and country settings had a comma decimal seperator

A change in 2.651 forced a link to CAVOOLE.DLL even when this code was never used

Added Check for EOF after filter is assigned.

Fixed problem where last item in cache from the collection object would never be returned from the cache

Added cast to DWORD in function call to AdoGetCode in Adoproperties:Name Access

Removed Debug code from AdoFieldNameCheck

Changed destroy mechanism to avoid double calls to destructors

Fixed some 51422 warnings

Changed some method statements because of the stricter checks in VO 2.7 !

Fixed a problem in AdoServer:Refresh() and cmAdoServer:Refresh(): Cancelling the insert of a new row in an empty resultset would not set EOF/BOF back to TRUE.

The Server:Hyperlabel now limits to the table name(s) from the Select clause. The "select <Columnlist> from" and optional "where <whereClause> order by <orderbyclause>" gets removed.


Version 2.651 (May 2003)

Fixed a problem with the Column size for GUID columns

Fixed problem where AdoServer:FieldGet() returned a NULL_DATE in stead of a AdoDateTime object

Added AdoServer:SetDataField method to allow overriding column width and decimals for numeric columns

Added AdoServer:Source Access/Assign

AdoServer:Init() now also accepts an AdoCommand object or an AdoStream object

Some changes in the Vo2Ado RDD. See that documentation for more details

Changed AdoServer:Delete() method because of problems with browsers

The AdoUsual2Variant() function now also accepts OleAutoObjects and VoCom IDispatch Objects

Fixed a problem in AdoRecordSet:Source assign


Version 2.614 (for VO 2.5) and 2.650 (for VO 2.6) (Autumn 2002)

Recompiled for VO 2.6

Added Recnocolumn property to AdoServer class

Added LongFieldNames parameter to AdoServer:Init() method

Added AsVoComObject method to Abstract class

Added AsSqlString method to DateTime class

Changed AdoCollection code, to disable Item Cache for the Errors collection

Changed Server:Axit() because some code was never called (both AdoServer and CmServer)

Changed Server:Axit to call RecordSet:Destroy() (both AdoServer and CmServer)

Removed unused lOpen Instance variable from Server objects (both AdoServer and CmServer)

Various changes in event handling system:

Fixed a bug when using RecordSet Events and Connection Events

Added AdoRecordSet:EventHandler and AdoConnection:EventHandleraccesses

Added AdoRecordSetEvents:RecordSet and AdoConnectionEvents:Connectionaccesses

Added AdoEventHandler:Destroy() method

Removed the AdoBookMark class thas was not used anymore

SqlSelect:SetPrimaryKey (ADO SQL Classes) is now marked as obsolete

Added samples to help file

Accessing AdoServer:LastRec for recordsets with a recordcount of -1 would set EOF and BOF to TRUE

AdoServer:LastRec now will try to determine the correct number of records, when RecordSet:RecordCount returns -1. This may be slow, so use AdoServer:LastRec (and AdoServer:RecCount) cautiously

AdoServer:GoBottom() would set AdoServer:Recno to the wrong number when RecordSet:RecordCount returns -1

AdoServer:GoBottom() is now not longer supported for recordsets of type AdOpenForwardOnly

Added AdoCheckNullString function. See also the data types topic for a discussion

Changed Single Underscore to Double underscore for some internal methods

Added Item() method for collections (for Geoff !)

Added FieldGet() and FieldPut() for RecordSet (for Geoff !)

Added Item() method for AdoAdo Class

Added CloseOnAxit property for AdoRecordSet class

Collection:Item Access and RecordSet:Collect Access/Assign now accept symbols next to strings and numerics


Version 2.613

Doc is cleaned and some user comments have been added

Changes in the RDD

All Init() methods of ADO Objects now also accept an OleAutoObject as parameter

Added Value assign and SafeArray assign to longbinary objects, and changed the documentation of Binary Values

Calling Destroy() on an object now disconnects the object from the underlying COM object.

AdoConnection:Destroy() now also removes a connection from the default connection object that is automatically set in the AdoSetConnection() function.

Calling AdoVersion() could remove an active error handler. This has been fixed.

Calling AdoRecordSet:Open could generate an error when you used a invalid connection string in AdoRecordSet:Open() and not an AdoConnection object.

The Block parameter in the AdoCollection:Foreach() method has changed from type codeblock to usual and now also accepts an object that has an eval method

The error handler for a invalid ADO installation generated an error :-(

Added support for ADO 2.7

Added a Classmate Compatible Server class that was generously donated by Uwe Hein

Added a set of SQL Compatibility Classes


Version 2.612

Changed Field size for Guids

Changed Fieldput for Guids

Fixed a memory leak in RecordSets and commands when running in 2.5 or 2.6 compatibility mode

Changed Unicode support to allow embedded zero characters


Version 2.611

Internal release only


Version 2.61

fixed a bug in AdoStream:ReadText()

Added AdoConvertNullStringToNull() function that allows user to influence the way NULL_STRING values are handled. Defaults to FALSE (NULL_STRING is #empty)


Version 2.6

Support for ADO 2.6

Added the Vo2Ado RDD

correction for problems with long binary fields

changes in error handling in Server:Commit()

changed handling of fieldnames containing embedded spaces or table prefixes

changed handling of unnamed columns


Version 2.51

Recompiled for CAVO 2.5b


Version 2.501 (Internal)

Tested for compatibility with VO 2.5b

Adoserver:Goto could generate an error for empty recordsets

AdoVariant2Usual  Solved a memory leak  because variants were not cleared properly

Server:GoTop() and Server:GoBottom() now correctly reset EOF and BOF

Added a bBrowser sample application


Version 2.5

Initial release for Visual Objects 2.5a-1