Version History

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Version History

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Version 2.803 (VO 2.8 Build 2812, April 2007)

Recompiled and changed to work with Build 2812


Version 2.802 (VO 2.8 Build 2809, Match 2007)

Recompiled and to work with Build 2809


Version 2.801 (VO 2.8 Build 2804, December 2006)

Recompiled and changed to work with the changes in VO 2.8

All file names for this version have 28 in stead of 27 as version indication


Version 2.731 (VO 2.7b-1, build 2756, September 2005)

Recompiled to work with 27b1 build 2756


Version 2.721 (VO 2.7b-1, Januari 2005)

Recompiled and changed to work with the stricter checks in VO 2.7b-1


Version 2.720 (VO 2.7b, November 2004)

Recompiled and changed to work with VO 2.7b


Version 2.710 (VO 2.7a, May 2004)

Recompiled and changed to work with VO 2.7a


Version 2.652  (VO 2.6) / 2.701 (VO 2.7)

Fixed a problem with Goto that was introduced in 2.651

Optimized where clauses for searches with incomplete key values

Changed destroy order in the RDD

Optimized query strings in the RDD for index expressions that consist of multiple keys.


Version 2.651a May 2003

Fixed a problem with the in the RDD Support library

The previous release was shipped with Debug info on !

Fixed a problem with the static memory allocation


Version 2.651 May 2003

Fixed a problem with the Column size for GUID columns

Fixed a problem with closing indexes and opening of production indexes

Fixed a problem with indexes containing GUID columns

Fixed a problem with transactions

Fixed a problem with conversion to LONG/DWORD for large numeric values


Version 2.650  Summer 2002

Changed some code for compatibility with VO 2.6

Released for VO 2.6


Version 2.614  June 2002

(Vo)DbFieldInfo() would not return correct values if recordset was not open

Undoing changes by calling (VO)dbBufRefresh() did not work

Added 4 callbacks at connection level:






Version 2.613  May 2002

Fieldtype Callback now also receives the table name and field name as parameters

Seeking on numeric columns could fail

Added AllowColumnUpdates Callback to Table Callback

Changed documentation for callback methods

The RDD now generates a Warningmessage (table callback):

 1.        when creating a table and the column or table name is a SQL reserved word

 2.        when opening a table and the column name is a VO reserved word

The RDD now tries to execute a Select Top <MaxRecords> query when the Provider supports it. This seems to faster then using the MaxRecords property of the Ado Recordset class.

If the path to an file name contained an embedded DOT character (such as in C:\My.Ado\test.Adf) the RDD could produce errors when creating indexes.

Saving a Configuration file (CONFIG.ADO) would fail when the file name contained a full path such as C:\TEST\CONFIG.ADO. The config.ado file would always be saved to the folder where the ADF file was located.

The default function translation for DTOS for SQLServer has changed to CONVERT(char(8), %1%,112)


Version 2.612        November 5, 2001

Added support for indexes without the need for ADX files. See the topic Index files or indexes through a callback and the Table Callback methods IndexCallBack() and IndexTags() for more information

Fixed a problem that caused no indexes on the server to be created when using a STR() function in the index expression

Optimized Order by clause expressions


Version 2.61        October 1, 2001

Added support for long column names (> 10 characters) through a LongFieldNames callback and a LongFieldNames flag in the ADF File

After deleting the last record of a Recordset a runtime error was generated

Changed callback for DeleteAllRecords (ZAP). Had wrong method name embedded

Removed 'ALL' keyword from default DeleteAllRecords string

Changed default CreateIndex string to add %U% for unique indexes

Deleting the same record twice would generate a runtime error.

Indexes without pathname now are created in table file folder

The RDD does not respect AdoDateAsDate() anymore. Date Time columns are always seen as Date.  If you want to see the Date/Time value a view should be made that converts Date/Time to a string using Convert(char,<Field>,20) or similar

Clearing of Order Scopes did not properly reset Recordset contents


Version 2.6        Initial Release