Welcome to the Vo2Ado RDD

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Welcome to the Vo2Ado RDD

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We are proud with the release of the latest add on to our Vo2Ado product: the Vo2Ado RDD.


We have done our best to ensure that this RDD will work with your existing code with as little modifications as possible.

Before you get started please read at least the contents of the first few chapters of this help file, since they describe the problems that you may encounter during integrating the Vo2Ado RDD in your application:


Compatibility with the existing RDD's

Basic Usage

Known problems

Version History






VO RDD's can be used in three different ways:

1.        Using the (Clipper compatible) Db..() functions

2.        Using the strongly typed VoDb..() versions of these functions

3.        Using the DbServer class and its methods


In most of our sample code we have used method 1, but of course everything that can be done with the Db..() functions can also be done with the other two methods.




When you need support for the Vo2Ado RDD you can get that through the following ways:

Get in contact with your dealer

Send an e-mail message to support@heliks.nl

Post a message in the Usenet newsgroup comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects


Updates and patches

For new updates and patches look at: http://www.heliks.nl