_BtCreate() Function


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_BtCreate() Function


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Create a btrieve file







FUNCTION _BtCreate ( ptrBuffer AS PTR, nBufLen AS WORD, cName AS STRING, lOverWrite AS LOGIC, nid  := 0 AS WORD  )  AS LOGIC







<ptrBuffer>Pointer to the definition structure of the file
<nBufLen>Length of the definition structure
<cName>Name of the file to create
<lOverwrite>If the file exists, is it allowed to overwrite the file
<nId>(Optional) Client ID to use when creating the file.








LOGICIs the file Created successfully?







With this function you can create a Btrieve file. To describe the file you need to fill a strFileSpec structure and the strKeySpec structures that are part of the strFileSpec structure.


When an error occurs creating the file, the return value is FALSE and the Bt_Error() function returns one of the following values:


02I/O Error
18Disk Full
22Data Buffer Length
24Page Size Error
25Create I/O Error
26Number of Keys
27Invalid Key Position
28Invalid Record Length
29Invalid Key Length
48Invalid Alternate Sequence Definition
49Key Type Error
59File Already Exists
104Locale Not Found
105Cannot Create with VAT




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strFileSpec, strKeySpec, _BtCreateIndex()