_BtCreateIndex() Function


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_BtCreateIndex() Function


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Create a new index for an open Btrieve file







FUNCTION _BtCreateIndex ( hFile AS PTR, PTRKeySpec AS PTR,   nBufLen AS  WORD, nKey  := 0XFF AS BYTE )  AS LOGIC







<hFile>                File handle that was returned by _BtOpen

<ptrKeySpec>        Pointer to KeySpec structure(s) that contains the segment informatoin

                 for the index that is to be created

<nBufLen>                Size of the KeySpec structure

<nKey>                (Optional) Key number to assign to the new index. By default the index will

                 get the next available key number. (0 is the first, 1 is the second etc.)








LOGICwas the new index created succesfully




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