_BtGetPrevious() Function


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_BtGetPrevious() Function


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Position the Btrieve file on the previous logical record for a given index







FUNCTION _BtGetPrevious ( hFile AS PTR, ptrData AS PTR, nRecLen REF WORD,   ptrKey AS PTR, nKeyNo AS BYTE )  AS LOGIC PASCAL







<hFile>File handle that was returned by _BtOpen
<ptrData>Pointer to the data structure.
<nRecLen>Length of the data structure. This value must be at least as long as the fixed-length portion of the record.
<ptrKey>Pointer to the Key buffer. Allocate BSIMAX_KEY_SIZE for this buffer
<nKeyNo>Key Number, first key is numbered 0.



LOGICWas the move to the previous logical record succesfull.








If the Get Previous operation is unsuccessful, the MicroKernel may return one of the following status codes:

03 File Not Open
06 Invalid Key Number
07 Different Key Number
08 Invalid Positioning
09 End of File
22 Data Buffer Length
82 Lost Position





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