_BtSetFieldValue() Function


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_BtSetFieldValue() Function


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Convert VO data to Btrieve Data, and write data to (any) buffer







FUNCTION _BtSetFieldValue ( ptrData AS BYTE PTR, nPos AS DWORD,   nLen AS DWORD, nType AS DWORD, nDec AS DWORD, uValue AS USUAL, nOffSetTable AS DWORD )  AS VOID PASCAL







<ptrData>Pointer to data buffer
<nPos>Position in buffer to write to
<nLen>Length of target data
<nType>Btrieve Data Type
<uValue>VO value to write








This function is called by BtField:PutValue() and by BtIndex:setKeyvalues() to fill a buffer with the proper Btrieve values




See Also



BtField:PutValue(), BtIndex:SetKeyvalues()