_BtUpdate() Function


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_BtUpdate() Function


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Write changes to a record back to disk







FUNCTION _BtUpdate ( hFile AS PTR, PtrData AS PTR, nRecLen AS WORD, ptrKey AS PTR, nKeyNum AS BYTE )  AS LOGIC







<hFile>File handle that was returned by _BtOpen
<ptrData>Pointer to the databuffer that you want to fill
<nRecLen>Length of the data structure. This value must be at least as long as the fixed-length portion of the record.
<ptrKey>Pointer to the Key buffer. Allocate BSIMAX_KEY_SIZE for this buffer
<nKeyNum>Key Number, first key is numbered 0. Specify a value of 0xFF if you want no currency change to occur.








LOGICTRUE when the update was succesfull, otherwise FALSE







If the Update operation is unsuccessful, the Bt_Error() function may RETURN one of the following status codes:

05 Duplicate Key Value
08 Invalid Positioning
10 Modifiable Key Value Error
14 Pre-Image Open Error
15 Pre-Image I/O Error
22 Data Buffer Length
80 Conflict
83 Read Outside Transaction