Bt_ContinousOperation() Function


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Bt_ContinousOperation() Function


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Switch btrieve to 'Continuous operation' mode, allowing On-Line backups







FUNCTION Bt_ContinousOperation ( cFileNames AS STRING, lOn AS LOGIC )  AS LOGIC







<cFileName>(Comma seperated list of ) Filename(s) of the file to switch to continuous mode. This filename(s) should include the full pathname, excluding only the server name. An example of this could be: sys:\acct\march.btr,sys:\acct\april.btr0
<lOn>Logical value to indicate whether you want to switch the Continuous operation on or off








LOGICWas the continuous operation activated succesfully







The Continuous Operation operation allows you to perform system backups without closing active Btrieve files. Any changes you made while a file is actually being backed up are stored in a temporary sparse file called a delta file. Except for changes written to the delta file, the system backup includes the contents of all Btrieve files placed in Continuous Operation mode. The MicroKernel Database Engine automatically rolls the delta file changes into the backed up files when those files are taken out of Continuous Operation mode.


This operation works only from a server version of the MKDE. A workstation version of the Continuous Operation operation is not available.

If the operation is unsuccessful, the return value is FALSE and the Bt_Error() function returns one of the following values:

01 Invalid operation (no workstation version of Continuous Operation is available)
11 Invalid Filename
12 File Not Found
41 Operation Not Allowed
51 Invalid Owner
88 Incompatible Mode Error
91Server Error